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Join Our Movement 

Join Our Movement 

Digital concerts and virtual live events are bridging the gap between gaming and music, creating new opportunities for fan engagement in the multiverse.

In the last 12 months virtual concerts from artists like Marshmello, Travis Scott, Little Nas X, Abba, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande and Post Malone have engaged the largest audiences in music history.

VRJAM has developed proprietary tech that creates next generation digital music experiences and blockchain assets for artists, fans and brands.

Inside VRJAM’s virtual worlds, artists are visualised as high quality 3D characters (or avatars) and are rendered in real time with live VFX and lighting to create truly live digital events.

These experiences are monetized using blockchain assets called non fungible tokens, or NFT’s and also via brand integration and sponsorship.

APPLY TO JOIN THE VRJAM CREATOR GUILD VRJAM’s Creator Guild is a community of 400 members who share in ownership of the VRJAM platform. Members enjoy an array of services provided by the VRJAM team to transform how they reach fans and create live experiences. Service provided focus on the following areas of activity


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Creator Guild

Creator Guild


VRJAM has already produced virtual concerts and multiverse experiences for many of the world’s leading electronic music artists and culture brand including those listed left.

Artists and labels can apply to become a member of the VRJAM Creator Guild and join a rapidly growing network of creators and industry members driving the evolution of live entertainment in the multiverse.

Record Labels

Record Labels

A new licensing revenue stream

Sign up to join the wait list to become a member VRJAM community and become part of a growing network of artists and industry members who are driving the evolution of real time music performance in the multiverse.

Licensing Revenue

Music used in the creation of NFT’s published by Community members features music solely from labels involved in the Community, or alternatively music that members control the rights to.

Each time an NFT is sold 20% of net revenue generated is paid to labels and publishers as a licensing fee.


Labels gain access to valuable showcasing and marketing opportunities for signed artists.

Artists’ virtual events, streams and music are published across an array of media partner channels including and Magnetic Mag, creating a route to market.




Using VRJAM’s cutting edge technology, artists are rendered as hyper-real digital humans, enabling them to project their personality and presence into the multiverse.

When artists join the VRJAM community they receive a full service solution to help them create and publish virtual live events and create NFTs. The service solution provided includes;




VRJAM’s team will recreate vivid, life like ‘twins’ of a hand picked selection of the world’s most recognised venues and clubs.

These virtual venues are used to host performances from VRJAM’s creator community and also to publish NFT’s.

Venue owners will share in ownership of the platform and generate revenue each time their venue is used in the multiverse.

Venues can sell shares in their digital twin buildings to fans and crypto investors as NFTs, creating a new way to monetize their IP and brand identity.

VRJAM has already created a digital twin of London’s own Ministry Of Sound, pictured right.

The first digital twin venue created by VRJAM was London’s own Ministry Of Sound. Here you can see a live event headlined by Axtone Records artist Eden Prince inside the digital twin performing to an audience of over 30,000 people.

New possibilities exist within VRJAM’s virtual worlds for brands to engage with artists and labels. VRJAM shares brand revenue of 50 / 50 with artists and labels whenever brands are activated within their streams or virtual worlds.


Opportunities for brands
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