VRJAM Coin Whitelist Signup

VRJAM Coin is set to become

The Worlds Most Widely Used Metaverse Coin

Currently valued at $50M, VRJAM Coin, is VRJAM’s in-game ERC20 token built on Avalanche and Polygon. It is used to facilitate trade and value exchange inside VRJAM’s virtual world from NFT sales to ticket sales and advertising.

Key Stats

Public Sale Price:  $0.04
Seed Round Price: $0.02
Release At Launch: $750,000 hard cap / 1.8% token supply
Exchange Partners: MexC, Gate, Kucoin
Market Maker: GSR

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Go to Market Strategy

We’ve established a community of world class content partners including profile blockchain brands including Polygon Studios and Binance NFT and top tier entertainment brands including EDM.com and Roger Sanchez.

These partners will drive adoption of VRJAM Coin by using it to mint and sell rare NFTs, launch staking pools, trade player skins and digital merchandise and even sell virtual real estate inside VRJAM’s virtual world.

By activating live shows in VRJAM’s virtual world and engaging their fans and followers to join our community, our brand ambassadors will create strong, consumer lead demand for VRJAM Coin.

VRJAM Coin is also used to facilitate a wide and varied array of use cases for trade and value exchange inside VRJAM’s virtual world from to ticket sales and advertising.

Finally, VRJAM Coin is used a governance solution for the VRJAM Community whereby 1 coin imports 1 vote to its holder.

By participating in The VRJAM Coin whitelist you’ll get priority access to VRJAM Coin, 72 hours ahead of the public sale before it goes live on October 20th.

The public sale is limited by a hard cap of $750,000. This limited initial release means the public sale will sell out fast.

The first 500 people to sign up will receive $50 in VRJAM Coin absolutely free.

We’ll also be running regular giveaways, airdrops and competitions as we head toward the public sale launch of VRJAM Coin on October 20th.

Follow the Steps Below

To Join the VRJAM Whitelist

1) Follow us on Twitter, Discord and Telegram
2) Complete the form below
3) Post the link to this page on social media to let your network know you’ve signed up.

If you’re among the first 500 to sign up or you’re a competition winner, our team will contact you via email. We look forward to welcoming you to the VRJAM community!