Vrjam's virtual HUMANS are here

VRJAM offers a 360 degree solution for designing and publishing AI-powered virtual human beings on websites, mobile devices and Windows apps.

Created in partnership with Conv.ai, VRJAM’s virtual humans can transform customer experience and help fans connect with brands using the power of AI.

Get started by scheduling a demo and create your own customized, virtual human on the VRJAM platform today.


meet jack, vrjam's own a.i. tech-xpert

Meet Jack Jam, the newest member of the VRJAM Team.

Jack’s an A.I powered, virtual human, rendered using the avatar designer on the VRJAM platform.

He’s been created in partnership with leading A.I developer platform, Conv.aiJack’s an expert on the history of virtual reality and how VR evolved from its early days in the 1960s until today.  

This live demo of VRJAM’s AI virtual human Saas solution gives a preview of the product that we’ll begin offering to brands and creators in the weeks ahead.

Start a conversation with Jack about the history of VR now  by following the instructions to the right.

1) Click on the image of Jack before you interact with him, otherwise he may not hear you.

2) Ask Jack a question by pressing and holding down the space bar on your keyboard. IF YOU DONT HOLD DOWN THE SPACE BAR WHILE YOU TALK HE WONT BE ABLE TO HEAR YOU.

3) While holding the space bar, ask him a question about the history of VR technology and he’ll give you all sorts of interesting feedback on this fascinating topic.

4) This is a live ‘beta’ demo designed for DESKTOP users only. It has not been designed to operate on mobile devices. This demo may produce errors, contain bugs and may not work as expected.