VRJAM Venues is a turn-key technology solution for increasing revenue and audience engagement at live events.

It empowers live event producers to present talks and live performances in a ‘hybrid’ event format whereby speakers and performers are visualised as avatars inside vivid virtual worlds, live in real time.

This in turn provides access to an array of game-changing new revenue streams that leverage web3 tech and offers new opportunities to engage and monetize sponsors, delegates and fans.


VRJAM Venues activates conference speakers and live performers as 3D avatars in the metaverse, and, on-stage in real life… at the same time!

Radical new opportunities for brand storytelling and branded content are made possible, helping to maximize user experience for sponsors, fans and brands.

VRJAM’s team support event producers and exhibitors to engage sponsors and advertisers using our global network of brand relationships to help maximise sponsorship revenue. 



We provide an end to end solution for on site technical production including motion capture, visual effects and VR.



We design and build customised virtual venues for brands, exhibitors and event producers using rich 3D graphics of the highest quality.



Some of the world's top thought leaders are available to participate in VRJAM Venues events making the job of curating top speaking talent effortlessly easy.



Our team supports event producers to engage sponsors better than ever before by redefining brand activation at live events using immersive tech to create next-gen sponsored content.


The VRJAM Venues metaverse stage leverages the latest immersive technology to offer a ‘best in class’ solution for the live experience of talks and performances. It works like this:



Our team of developers and 3D artists designs a customised virtual venue to host each event’s metaverse experience.



A moderator appears in real life on stage at the event. Using motion capture technology (as pictured in this video) the moderator’s movements drive the motions of his avatar inside the metaverse, live in real time.



Using a VR headset, speakers converse with the moderator inside the metaverse from the comfort of their home or office.



Live video of the talk is captured by a camera operator inside the metaverse and is projected on large format screens around the stage so conference delegates can watch the talk.



VR viewing stations are positioned around the stage empowering delegates to dive in and interact with the speakers and the moderator in VR. Audiences from across the globe connect via the internet in virtual reality and share the experience with the delegates at the venue.

Off-site location



VRJAM’s senior management team have over 30 years combined experience in the live events and conference industry and we’ve designed VRJAM Venues with a thorough understanding of what it takes to maximise sponsorship revenue at live events.

The valuation of sponsorship packages for live events relies on 2 key metrics:

VRJAM Venues offers event producers revolutionary new ways to maximise these metrics without a significant increase in production costs.
We empower events to offer sponsors radically advanced ways to activate their brands inside the metaverse by weaving interactive, brand experience content into the virtual venues we build for event owners and empower events to maximise attendance in the metaverse.

case study

Winter Music Conference, the USA’s leading electronic music business event wanted a way to activate inside the metaverse to create a brand platform for Red Bull, one of the event’s key sponsors.
We beamed in guests and live performers from LA, New York, London and Berlin, creating a metaverse content stage that activated over 2 days and hosted an array of live events and conference experiences.

web3 monetization

VRJAM Venues offers an exciting new possibilities for audience monetisation in the metaverse to help maximise web3 engagement.


Avatar NFT's

Artists, celebrities and speakers who appear on the VRJAM Venues stage can have their avatars rendered as a playable 3D characters (player skins) that can be used to appear at other metaverse events.

Speakers’ avatars are made available for sale via the VRJAM Marketplace and can be offered for sale as part of rare, NFT collections that empower event producers to generate new revenue streams.


Virtual Real Estate

Monetize your virtual venue with VRJAM’s Location NFT solution by offering premium content and limited edition content inside the metaverse. Trade fractional shares of ownership in your venue on the VRJAM Marketplace and access the exciting new world of web3 real estate.